Napoleon - Gourmet Grills

Product Summary

No backyard retreat is complete without a gourmet grill. There’s nothing better than the taste of food grilled over an open flame. And there’s nothing like the aroma of a basted, grilled dinner wafting across your backyard.

Napoleon gourmet stainless steel grills feature precise and even heat provided by heavy 16-gauge bottom burners, each individually controlled. Napoleon's lids are cammed with "Lift Ease" and will easily roll back to save deck space. The burners are thick stainless steel as are the sear grids, burner plates, and drip pan. Varying features are: infra-red rear burner for rotisserie cooking, temperature guage, stainless steel griddle, 10,000 btu side burner with lid, stainless steel cabinet bases, and side shelves.

Grills are available as propane or natural gas units.

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